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Nikon CoolPix 800

 CoolPix 800

  • 2x Optical Zoom, with a 38-76mm range
  • 28mm lens threads take readily available
    accessory lenses & special filters
  • Compact Size, Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Battery Friendly
  • Impressive Automatic ISO, camera automatically selects "best" setting between 100 & 400.
    (Take a look at the "State Fair at Dusk" sample picture below as an example of how well it works in low light conditions.)

Sample Photos -

Click on the thumbnail pictures below for full screen viewing

Notes -
All sample photos taken in the camera's "fine" quality and full sized resolution (1600X1200), then resized to 1024 pixels wide for faster loading to your screen.

The file sizes of the pictures are shown below the thumbnails in approximate kilobytes (bytes x 1000) to give you an idea of download time.

Flying Tiger 3
Flying Tiger
274 KB
Czec Training Jet
268 KB
Phantom Jet
252 KB

The Fair at Dusk
State Fair at Dusk (1024x1365)
353 KB
Ferris Wheel
"Texas Star" Ferris Wheel
393 KB
Round & Round it Goes
Feel the Speed
274 KB

October, 1999

"Battery Friendly"

The CoolPix 800 was engineered and programmed with the idea "battery friendly" in mind... It seems like I can go for weeks without worrying about the batteries! (What a welcome change from the old habit of carrying three sets of rechargeable AA NiMh's everywhere I go.) It certainly makes digital snapshots a lot more fun, and a lot less of a hassle.

The CoolPix 800 uses the same size image sensor (2.1 Megapixels) as the CoolPix 950, and "nearly" matches the 950's image quality. The 2x zoom lens on the 800 is sharp and clear for most shooting situations, but lacks a bit when compared to the ultra-close macro ability of the 950.

By the way, that 2x zoom range is "just right" for most snapshots to help get your subject positioned the field of view way you want it.

Overall opinion? Easy to learn, easy to use, small, and lightweight. A great choice as an all-around family or business digital snapshot camera.

The "Attachment Friendly" 28mm threaded lens adds versatility -

Wide Angle Lens Attachment

Nikon's WC-E24 Wide Angle Adapter Lens (shown at left) is a natural fit, and adds great dimension to the field of view.

Nikon also makes a high quality 2x Teleconverter Adapter Lens (Model TC-E2), and a special Fisheye Adapter Lens (Model FC-8).

Other aftermarket lenses and filters (Tiffen, Raynox, etc.) with 37mm threads will fit the CoolPix 800 if coupled with a readily available 28-37mm stepup ring.


CKC Power's 8x32 Kenko Monocular Kit (shown at right) includes a special black anodized machined aluminum adapter to fit the 28mm threads.

The Kenko gives the CoolPix 800 a 608mm equivalent super-telephoto capability.

(CKC Power also has a very powerful spotting scope rig that will fit the CoolPix 800.)

Kenko Lens Attachment


Nikon CoolPix 800 Specifications

Type of camera

Digital Camera E800.


1/2 inch high density CCD; Total number of pixels: 2.11 million.

Image Size

Choice of 2 pixel sizes: 1) 1,600 x 1,200 (UXGA), 2) 640 x 480 (VGA).


2x Zoom-Nikkor Lens; f=7~14mm (35mm equivalent to 38-76mm), F3.5~4.8 with macro; All glass, multicoated 7 elements in 5 groups, with aspherical elements.

Digital zoom

4 step digital zoom: 1.25x / 1.6x / 2x / 2.5x


Contrast-detect TTL autofocus, 480 step autofocus control.

Focus mode

Selectable by menu on LCD : 1) Continuous AF mode, 2) Single AF mode, 3) Manual.

Shooting distance

12 inch (30cm) to 8, 2.8 inch (7cm) to 8 in macro mode.

Exposure metering

3 mode TTL metering, 256-element Matrix, Spot, and Center-Weighted.


Mechanical and charge-coupled electronic shutter 1/750 to 8 sec.


Electromagnetic drive rounded diaphragm F3.5(W)~4.8(W) - 8(W)~11(T)

Exposure control

Programmed Auto Exposure (AE), Manual exposure compensation (±2EV in 1/3 EV steps)

Exposure range

EV+0.5~16.5 ISO 100 equivalent.

Base Sensitivity (ISO)

ISO 100

Gain increase available (ISO)

1) AUTO, 2) ISO 100, 3) ISO 200, 4) ISO 400

White balance

Automatic TTL homing system, can be set manually for 1) sunny, 2) cloudy, 3) incandescent, 4) fluorescent, and 5) flash conditions. Preset white balance available, which allows users to set white balance using a white subject, such as a white card or sheet of white paper, prior to actual shooting.

Tone curve selection

5 user-selectable image tone curve settings; 1) Standard, 2) Contrast+, 3) Contrast-, 4) Brightness+, 5) Brightness.


Selectable 10-second or 3-second duration.


Real image optical viewfinder; Magnification: 0.32~0.6x; Frame coverage approx. 85%; LED indication for Speedlight Ready and Focus Ready

LCD monitor

1.8-inch, 112,000-dot, TFT LCD Adjustable back light; Update rate: 30 frames / sec.; Frame coverage: approx. 97%

Auto power save

Factory default 30 seconds auto shut off; can be changed to 1, 5 or 30 minutes.

Image recording

File Format - TIFF RGB (Uncompressed) or JPEG (Exif 2.1); 24 bit RGB color
Multiple folders supported - Folders except for the default folder can be renamed
Mode - Hi = Uncompressed RGB TIFF, Fine = 1:4 JPEG, Normal = 1:8 JPEG, Basic = 1:16 JPEG (Approx.).


Removable CompactFlash(tm) card
Media Capacity* - Hi = 1 img., Fine = 8 imgs., Normal = 16 imgs., Basic = 32 imgs. (8MB)
*Number of images may vary depending on the image captured and the resolution selected.

Shooting mode

Fully automatic mode (A-REC), Programmable manual mode (M-REC); allows choice of 3 custom settings from among shooting menu.

Shooting menu

1) Metering, 2) Capture mode, 3) Sensitivity, 4) White balance, 5) Tone compensation, 6) Best-shot selector, 7) Monochrome, 8) Digital zoom, 9) Converters (for adapter lenses), 10) Auto file numbering.

Best-shot selector

Camera takes up to 10 shots automatically (within approx. 1.5 fps) and records the most detailed image of the 10 shots using anti-jitter logic, which is effective for telephoto and macro shooting. Not available when the Speedlight is on.

Capture mode

1) Single, 2) Continuous, 3) High Speed Continuous, 4) Multiple continuous 5) Ultra High Speed Continuous.

Capture Speed

1) Single mode: Approx. 1 fps for full size or smaller size images. Users need to release the shutter button after every shot. 2) Continuous mode: Approx. 1.5 fps for full size or smaller size images up to 10 images. Camera captures 1 frame every 0.8 sec. when the shutter button is depressed. 3) High Speed Continuous mode: Approx. 2 fps for VGA size images up to 60 images. Camera captures 1 VGA size image every 0.5 sec. when the shutter button is depressed. Image size is fixed in VGA in this mode. 4) Multiple continuous: Approx. 2 fps. Camera captures 16 continuous images and puts all 16 into 1 full size image frame. 5) Ultra High Speed Continuous: 30 fps up to 40 frames at 320 x 240 (QVGA) resolution.

Built-in Speedlight

Guide number: 26 feet (at ISO 100) Flash modes: 1) Auto-flash, 2) Flash-off, 3) Force fill flash, 4) Slow-sync and 5) Red-eye reduction (flashes for 0.8 sec. before main flash)

Playback function

1) 1 Frame, 2) Thumbnails, 3) Slide show, 4) 2x or 3x zoom playback. Hide and protect attributes can be set for each image.

Delete function

Deletes all frames or selected frames.


Windows® 95/98, NT 4.0 or later, Macintosh® OS 7.6 or later.


Serial interface (Windows: 115 kbps, Macintosh: 230 kbps)

Video output

NTSC video signal output for image display on standard TV set.

I/O terminal

Power input, video output, serial port.

Power requirements

4 x Alkaline, 1.2V NiCd, 1.5 NiMH or 1.5V FR-6 Lithium AA batteries. AC adapter (optional).

Battery life

Approx. 100 min. with LCD monitor on using alkaline batteries at room temperature.

(W x H x D)

4.7 x 2.7 x 2.4 in.


Approx. 9.5 oz. without batteries.

Tripod mount



1 year.

Accessories included

Soft case, Strap, Video Cable; 8MB CompactFlash(tm) Card, Serial Cable (Mac & Windows); NikonView Version 2.5 CD ROM, Lens cap; 4 AA batteries, "Open me first" envelope; Registration/Warranty card, Fast Track Guide; Hardware & Software Manuals.

Bundled software

NikonView Version 2.5, Hotshot (PictureWorks), IPIX (Interactive Pictures).

Optional accessories

Wide-angle adapter WC-E24
Fisheye lens:FC-8
Teleconverter TC-E2
AC adapter EH-30
CompactFlash(tm) cards EC-64CF, EC-96CF
PC card adapter EC-AD1
USB CompactFlash(tm) Card Reader
Coolpack: Case, rechargeable batteries, and filters.

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